Lacey Jayne - Owner/Operator of Polished Mercantile

Fine Woodworking and Jewelry Artist.

I have been a Fine Woodworking Artist for over 20 years.  Raised in the central interior region of BC on a vast empire of ranchland… the expansive surroundings instilled a total freedom of thought and creativity... and the beginnings of an unfettered imagination. At a young age I began by painting, carving, and sculpting ... experimenting with many different mediums.

I have since blended techniques from different facets of the woodworking world - from my time in guitar making, renovation and finish carpentry trade, and custom work within my own fine woodworking business.  I take great care, pride, and attention to detail in all of my work.  

Most recently - I have become a self taught Jewelry maker.  I read books, studied, and PRACTICED… and called on very skilled friends when I was stumped!   Where there’s a will… there’s a way!  I have always thought you can teach yourself anything... if you really want to, and I learned very early on - that our imagination is our only true limit!

I continue to do my woodwork in my home workshop(always), and my Jewelry is crafted on site in my new Custom Jewelry Studio - located within Polished Mercantile.

I am an Artist at heart... and love sharing my skills and creativity to create custom pieces with clients.  Those are the fun projects - and the most rewarding ones!