The Story

Come in and meet our current dream team... L to R (Kristen now has other work engagments - but she was here from the start) Chi, Lacey (me), and Larisa. We are excited to ensure this is a stop you will keep making - and recommending to all your friends!

Polished Mercantile is a dream come true!  I made myself a vow to find a way to do MY ART - and make those business and artist sides of my brain FINALLY come together in a way where I could invision success... instead of frustration. I have built my Jewelry Studio right on-site... where I get to be creative each and every day. When I have time - I plan to incorporate my fine woodworking BACK into my life... I would have the PERFECT spot to sell it!

This is not just a retail store… 

I hope to make connections between people,  unique skills, and quality products.  I have met people near and far who do extraordinary things… and some of them don't even know it!  As a fellow artist - I know it's a constant struggle to find the right spot, and the right way to sell your work. I have been there, and I have done that! 

Polished Mercantile has always been in my head… I would say to myself… "in a perfect world, I would just open my own store".  Well... I have - and this is it!  A culmination of everything I love to do (and much more)!  I take great pride in any work I do myself, and I have an eye for quality and design that will make this a very special spot.  I have featured quality works and goods from individuals, small business, and larger companies near and afar.  I've taken great care in curating a wonderful selection of quality merchandise… including leatherwork, hand blown glass works, art, clothing, housewares, gifts. The shelves are adorned with some hard to find items - like handmade shoes, designer yoga wear, and quality women's workwear  - when you're a woman involved in trades - you know there's a need for this!  

I am SO THRILLED - that I can now be THAT SPOT for other artists.  It will be an ever changing, always evolving collection of unique and quality goods.  

I strive to become a bit of a hub - for something different, and something good!  It has been so exciting to  find and support local artists, and explore new and creative ways to make a rock'n store!  Any and all Inventory that is brought in is always HIGH QUALITY.  I learned so early on (Thanks Dad) - that it's better to buy ONE GOOD THING - than 10 crappy things.  There is a time and a place where QUALITY is so important… for the things you LOVE, and WILL LOVE for years, upon years!  Pride of workmanship  IS important - and we can use less things - if they are good things that are made well, and will last!  

This is my dream.  A place where all are welcome to come and have a visit, ask questions, look for something that's hard to find, make a connection to the right tradesperson… support local people doing great things, and find quality products of all sorts - UNDER ONE HAPPY HARDWORKING ROOF! Did I mention there is an open Piano in-store... if you're lucky enough to be in for those live piano moments - you will think you've entered into a dream.

Polished Mercantile opened it's doors for business in the fall of 2021.  It operates with pride, integrity - and honesty.  It brings me great pleasure to join and become an active business woman in Vernon's Downtown Heritage District.  


Lacey-Jayne O'Neill

Owner/Operator - Polished Mercantile