Enamelware Splatter 12oz Mug

Enamelware Splatter 12oz Mug

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 Our splatter 12 oz enamel mug is an absolute classic. We guarantee you’ll find a favorite. Could there be a better mug to start your day with? Whatever your drink of choice, wrap your hands around this handmade enamel mug and feel the magic.

Crow Canyon’s long-lasting enamelware is thoughtfully designed for life. And second-lives. Each eco-friendly piece is made from porcelain-covered steel that’s lightweight, durable, naturally non-stick and easy to clean without plastic coating. Our enamelware is strong enough to take the heat, so it can go from oven-to-table or campfire-to-bench. And because it’s shatterproof, it’s ideal for kids and cookouts and pretty much anything.

Crow Canyon was established in 1977, and is a family based woman owned business in Northern California.